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Dr. VITAMIN is one of the Hungary's leading retailer of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements. Our stores are a familiar sight in Debrecen and expanding. Interest in natural food supplements has increased considerably over the last few years and Dr.VITAMIN has always had a commitment to its customers to provide high quality products at value for money prices. Products and services includes areas such as Acid-Alkaline ballancing, Blood group diets, detoxification, weight management, Homeopathic remedies, Organic and natural foods, Exotic foods, Oriental herbs etc, We are determined to working to bring our customers the most advanced formulas nutritional science has to offer. We are constantly updated by scientists, working with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, we are also searching to bring the latest breakthrough formulas of the future to our society. The core values set down by Dr. Vitamin is commitment to Healthy living education & advice, wide product range, quality assurance and everyday low prices.

Wide Product Range

As one of Hungary's largest health food retailer, Dr.VITAMIN offer an unparalleled range of natural health products all at best value prices. Our extensive range of food supplements, health foods and herbal and Homeopathic remedies is constantly expanding to respond to the challenge of creating new and innovative products to enhance well being. Dr.VITAMIN bring you over 3,000 high quality vitamins, minerals, health foods and other nutritional supplements.

Dr.VITAMIN is 'good for you', and 'good for our planet' as well we plan to remain 'green'.

Quality Assurance

Good value can't be measured by cost alone. Dr.VITAMIN have an intense commitment to quality healthcare, natural cures, natural foods and we believe we are what we eat. We also believe in using only the finest ingredients to create high quality products, which are religiously tested for potency and purity, ensuring they match up to the high standards we expect from them.

Our friendly staff are here to help you with any questions or advice you need.


Peptide bioregulators
Orthomolecular Medicine
Craniosacral therapy
HHP massage system and therapy
Medical and naturopathic consultation
Homeopathic medical advice
Enzyme therapy
Voll method
Blood Type Diet
Acid Alkaline Imbalance

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