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Article about us


Dr. Peter OparaugoOne day a very kind lady came to see us, and took a magazine out of her bag, and gave it to me, and told me to read it because there was an article about me in it.

At first I listened to her with doubts, but I scanned the paper a little bit, and confirmed that it was really about me. The article was published in Kismama (Mums’ Magazine) of June 2008 with the following title: A Real Life Story - My story.

The article is about a mother, who on the summer of 2006 had her baby in Gynaecology Clinic of University of  Debrecen, where I used to work as a doctor.

"After meeting the devil, Agnes received two guardian angels as well: two obstetricians." In the article Agnes explains the process of birth, and then the difficulties she went through.

"If somebody wants to help, they can! Everybody has the right to choose from the treatments, and I chose the one without blood for a good reason. My story proves that a good doctor can heal without blood. Fortunately I now can raise my daughter, after a very bad experience during delivery."

"Finally, at 4:05 Dominika, my gorgeous and beautiful daughter was born soiled with redolent vernix. She got a big kiss from me! However, after half a minute she was taken away, as I started to bleed. I saw incredible terror on the face of my doctor, and when I asked if there was a big problem, he answered yes. I was made to sleep immediately. As I found out later, the bleeding was caused by a rupture on my vagina wall. During surgery, I underwent resuscitations, which succeeded at the third attempt. My husband was there the whole time, holding Dominika. My haemoglobin level was 48 instead of 120, the doctors said that I was going to die if I don't accept to take blood. That was the shock I was hit with, just after I made it through the surgery… instead of trying to do everything without blood."

Here is how I doctor (Peter) got involved.

"After three days I was taken to post natal care, where a very kind, black doctor, Peter - I just know only his first name - was completely surprised, when he saw my haemoglobin result, and learned that I rejected blood infusion. He immediately suggested that I should get some iron supplement. First they did not permit it, but then he fought to arrange for me to get it. After the first dosage my haemoglobin value rose to 64, but the doctors came, and still told me that if I did not get some blood, I would die. Peter and another dr. Székely accepted and respected that I did not want take blood infusion, and it was natural for them, that I receive every other treatment, which could help. When a doctor or nurse passed by my bed, they were shocked to see that I was speedily recovering   so well?!"

"Dominika is one and a half year old, very clever and healthy, and in retrospect I would not do anything differently, I would just choose a trained and excellent doctor like Peter in Gynaecologist Clinic of Debrecen."

Although since then I ve left the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic of Debrecen, but it is a major goal for me, to use my skills, knowledge, and every possible method of care in helping people to restore and maintain their health.

Dr. Peter Oparaugo

If you want to take a look at the articles (in Hungarian), please click on picture 2 and 3.

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