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Pure Detox® the better way

Easy purification with electrolysis foot spa

The gentle way to more well-being

An up-to-date approach to naturopathy therapy is based on the principles of deacidification and detoxification of the connective tissue. The removal of cellular waste is the basis for well-being and health. Besides the classical therapies is the electrolysis foot spa an excellent and efficient method of detoxification.

The studies of professor alfred pischinger (university of vienna) gives the biochemical explanation of the effectiveness of this complementary health method.

The Pure Detox electrolysis foot spa allows a gentle removal of cellular waste for the body. Acids and other metabolites can be neutralized within the body by influx of free electrons.

  1. easy and successful deacidification
  2. well-being and relaxing
  3. energising and re-balancing the body's bio-energy
  4. removal of cellular waste without effort






The reaction of the metabolism and of the energy system of the body can be shown with different diagnostic methods (dark-field-microscopy, Prognos, MORA, VEGA, I-tronic, heavy-metal-ions-analysis). A significant number of patients tell about improvements of their symptoms already after the first treatments.







After 10 minutes

According to the studies on basic regulation of professor alfred pischinger ( university of vienna ) the purification of the connective tissue is the most effective way of health prevention. Through the electrolysis a ion-flow is made that improves the availability of electrons in the inner matrix of the body (interstitial tissue, connective tissue). By influx of electrons free radicals are absorbed and toxins are neutralized.





After 30 minutes


In opposite to the purification via DMPS or EDTA (complex builders) no large molecular complexes are arising which could only be transported out of the body through the kidneys.

Using the electrolysis transportation is also possible through the sweat.

The water is colored brown, green or black during treatment according to oxidative processes in the water and water quality.

The Pure Detox? Systeme




Pure Detox Professional System


The Professional System is made for daily use. It is easy to handle and has a menu control-unit. A LCD-display shows duration of treatment and actual amperage. Security- cutoff (switch-off) if amperage is over the allowed tolerance. With alternating polarity. 24 volts operating voltage for medical devices. CE-certified.




Pure Detox Home System


The Home System is made for private use. The System is easy to handle and has LED-readouts. The Home System disposes about a security cutoff and alternating polarity. 12 volts operating voltage. CE-certified.

As far as no medical diagnosis is known the treatment with the Pure Detox System can respond to the following symptoms:

  1. acidification
  2. rheumatic pains
  3. neurodermitis, psoriasis
  4. asthma, hayfever
  5. overweight
  6. cellulitis
  7. amalgam detoxification
  8. headache, migraine
  9. allergies
  10. chronic fatigue syndrome
  11. sleeping problems
  12. heavy metal pollution
  13. arthrosis, gout
  14. burn-out-syndrome

The advantages of the Pure Detox System

This purification method is very efficient and intensive, because it is not depending of the purging capacity of the kidneys. Purification about the plantars with their thousands of skin pores is very effektiv and successful. The traditional chinese medicine describes the plantars as "third and fourth kidney".

  1. well-being, very compatible for the patient
  2. gentle and effective
  3. comfortable handling
  4. efficient health prevention
  5. short amortization

Remove your cellular waste and de-acidify regularly

Removal of cellular waste and deacidification is more important than ever. The toxic load of the environment is steadily increasing. Your organism gets permanent stress. Experts concur: environmental toxins, false nutrition and stress induce an acidification of the body and could therefore build the basis for many diseases as neurodermitis, allergies, asthma, hayfever, digestive discomfort and diseases, rheumatism and depression.

Through bio-resonance the energetic state of the cells and the extra-cellular matrix is enhanced. The inner-cellular and extra-cellular purification is pushed. Aggregated cellular waste and metabolites can be solved and evacuated.

How often you should make a detox-treatment?

It is recommended to make the detox treatment 2-3 times a year with approx. 10 treatments. Between two treatments should be a period of minimum 3 days.
You get further information and an amortization calculation for free. Please contact the Competence Center! Get information about this excellent purification therapy.

Please contact me for further information.