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Order Orthomolecular wine press / fruit press

Orthomolecular fruit press

The Orthomolecular COLD PRESS JUICERS are easy to use as home kitchen wares (table top press), winepress, fruit-vegetable press for juicing and wine making. This versatile grape-press operates with combined modern technology and old Hungarian tradition of perfect juicing of crushed fruit and vegetable and making smaller batches of wine, ciders, non-dairy milk (grains and seeds), heart healthy edible oils  and can also be used to make cheese. The Orthomolecular fruit press comes in easy-to-dismantle frame design for easy loading and cleaning.

The Orthomolecular winepresses empower your creative thoughts to build your own tradition in wine making and juicing for healthy living. As fruit and vegetable juice press, it equips one to give liters of active VITA NUTRIENTS HYDRATION fuel for love and healthy life. That is, when you offer to a loved one a glass of cold-pressed fresh juice you made to spread abundance, love and health to loved ones.

Orthomolecular vine pressExpensive wines are nothing more than fermented grape juice behind a brand-name label. You can make that type of wine for a fraction of the price with your own winepress and unique creativity.

  • World's traditional cold press juicer

  • Ideal for domestic and commercial use with warranty

  • Silent & energy efficient

  • No electricity or spinning blades

  • Easy and safe to clean with hand/or and dishwashers

  • 50% higher yield than any other conventional juicers


Orthomolecular fruit pressEasy and simple to operate: Turning the handle screw clockwise lowers the press plate to crushed grape, building pressure to squeeze out the juice. Anti-clockwise turning releases pressure to dismantle and clean.

Loosen the winged screw by hand a few turns by twisting and lift handle-screw –cross-beam to remove the pressing plate. Position the basket and place a muslin straining bag (supplied) inside and fill the press cage with crushed fruit. Twist the bag to close and place the pressing plate on top.  Replace the handle-screw–cross-beam to fit frame poles. Twist to adjust for piston height and tighten the winged nuts. Wind the screw down and juice will flow through the perforated cage into the juice collection tray and out to you container.


Cleaning and caring

At the end of pressing and juice extraction dismantle winepress and rinse off with water or wash the entire juice press in a dishwasher.    When muslin bags are used for filtering in juice processing, empty the content and wash with water. Repeat process as often as required. Lubrication of the handle screw component with edible oil is not necessary.

More versatile

  • Ideal for fruit and vegetable juicing, preparation of jams, wines, nondairy milk, heart healthy oils, honey comb pressing etc.
  • For those who love berries use as berry press in processing berry juice drinks.
  • As Honey comb press, it is used on pressing honey.
  • Juice anything you desire from soft fruits and vegetables to nuts and legumes.

More nutritious

  • Orthomolecular fruit pressRetains nutrients for optimal health
  • Get the most enzymes, minerals and vitamins from fruits and vegetables
  • No heat and oxidation that destroys nutrients
  • Pure, full flavours of nature’s produce
  • Continuous, jam-resistant juicing
  • Delicious, healthy recipes included

Price: from 150 euro


  • Capacities: 3L, 5L, 10L & 20L
  • All parts are made of polished food grade stainless steel ( 100% Inox)
  • Thread type pressing device
  • Removable basket and Dual pressing speed
  • Dishwater friendly
  • Filter muslin bags included (but you may desire not to use them)

Dimensions: For 3 liter capacity

  • Height: 40 cm /15.6"

  • Overall diameter: 25cm / 9.75"

  • Cage (Basket) diameter: 18cm /7" x Height:

  • Weight: 3.2 kg

Orthomolecular fruit press

Made in Hungary. Cranio Medica Kft.: +36309087709

Dealers and distributors are wellcome.