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Orthomolecular Medicine

Life time Nobel Laureate Albert Szent Gyorgyi, Double Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg, Dr. Keith Brewer and others share common thread: “Orthomolecular medicine” which is the science of health through correct nutrition at the cellular level. To that effect Orthomolecular therapy is  described as administering to the body, the nutrients with which it was born and activating the body to use the nutrients, natural minerals and vitamins to heal itself. Through this unique knowledge and understanding several kindhearted doctors have helped patients to find complete remedies for their health challenges and millions have been healed and remain disease free.
The therapy principle of orthomolecular medicine is based on the realization that the human body needs active nutrients in their natural forms for the proper functioning of all the cells, tissues, organs and systems. In other words activated nutrients in their natural forms: vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids and in correct amount and concentration offer ideal health protection.

The American biochemist and twice winner of the Nobel Prize Linus Pauling, coined the word “orthomolecular medicine” and defined the principle as follows: "Orthomolecular medicine is the preservation of good health and the treatment of diseases by altering the concentration of substances normally found in the human body and which are responsible for the maintenance of your health."  However the  medicine of correct concentration of nutrients at cellular level has been in in practice before Linus Pauling. Still physically and mentally fit at the age of 92, Linus Pauling was of the proofs of the success of orthomolecular medicine. The Hungarian life time Nobel Laureate Albert Szent Gyorgyi who invented vitamin C and consumed in extremely high doses remains a unique proofs of the success of orthomolecular medicine and even perfectly fit in physical, mental and otherwise at the age of 93.

The term "orthomolecular" has its origins in classical Greek: orthos = correct; and molecular (Latin) = Cellular molecules as building-block of cells and tissues. Linus Pauling chose this term in 1968, because it expresses clearly the therapeutic principle of correct concentration of nutrients at cellular levels.

The key to health

Orthomolecular medicine in other words appeals to the correct concentrations of nutrients that occur naturally both in our diet and in the human body starting at the cellular level. By our understanding, this is the medicine of the application activated forms of vital substances such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, proteins, naturally occurring hormones etc. While the human body may not be to produce the spectrum of these nutrients naturally, exogenous supply via active natural food in sufficient quantity is paramount to preserve health and optimum standard of life.

The status of vital substance of a human system depends on several external and internal factors, such as diet, work, life-style, age, state of health and environmental challenges. An individual’s daily requirement of vital nutrients of vitamins and minerals is highly compromised due to poor and processed diets, dehydration, work, life-style, age, state of health and uncountable environmental pollutions.  Linus Pauling brought to awareness the problem of how insufficient vital nutrients supply affects health and wellbeing in an article published in Science (160/68).

Pauling's recommendations that correct dose of vital nutrients at cellular level is the optimum means to protect one’s health and ward off  diseases was in fact misconstrued leading to indiscriminate production synthetic dietary supplements thus introducing harmful additives, preservatives and colorings to a human system.
In summary,  Dr. Albert Szent Gyorgyi invented Vitamin C as the central molecule the Krebs Cycle which is the chemistry of life;

Dr. Linus Pauling worked on vitamin C and Common Cold, the structure and bonding of molecules and first satisfactory model of a protein molecule;  

Dr. Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the nature and mode of action of the respiratory enzyme and demonstrated that cancer cells replicate in the absence of oxygen. Thus several oxygenation methods have been proven capable of stopping the proliferation of cancer cells;

Dr. Keith Brewer work led to discovery that cancer cells cannot exist in tissue system of alkaline pH of 8.0. Thus leading to the development of cesium as the most alkalinizing therapy to reverse cancer.

Linus PaulingDr. Otto WarburgAlbert Szentgyorgyi

The natural solution


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