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Voll method

Voll method: rapid diagnosis of disease

Want to find out whether you have latent and chronic diseases? This can be done quickly and easily by using the foll.Learn how it works.

Voll method is a modern development of traditional medicine and diagnostics, it combines the experience thousands of years of traditional Indian and Chinese medicine and modern digital technology.

Let's see how the method works Voll.It has long been known that the human body there are specific acupuncture points.For a long time, European medicine has denied their existence, believing superstitions of ignorant savages, and only to the mid-20th century, the World Health Organization has recognized this technique, and as a result of scientific research has justified the effectiveness of acupuncture.That's when the idea to use the same data points are not only for treatment but also for the detection of diseases.

The method of Voll is the principle of projection of the internal organs in the human skin, it may seem strange, but modern physiology explains the validity of this principle as follows.As you know, the human body thickly permeated with a network of nerve cells, which are combined in the peripheral nervous system.

They provide all unconsciously going into your body processes under their control reduces your intestines, relax and tighten blood vessels, released urine in the kidneys, and more.Every action in this network causes a change in the potentials on neurons, in other words, the activity of different parts of the network is very different.

And since the nervous system is a unified network, the increase in activity in one place thus, paradoxically, is reflected in the skin of another.These features through numerous experiments and found in ancient Chinese and Indians.

Voll method allows for the expense of modern sensors and computer processing to register the change in activity in the biologically active points of the human body.Each disease creates its own distinctive pattern, with the advantage of this method is that it allows you to register pathology at the stage when there were no marked changes and the body fights the disease successfully, without giving it to come out.

If time to help him, the disease can be prevented.The method of time-tested method of Voll early diagnosis of diseases of all organs and systems.Timely implementation of research can save you a lot of time and money for his treatment.The disease is better to prevent rather than treat it.

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